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Our Story

Marko Farac began to follow his dream back in 2009 starting off with only a handful of tools in a makeshift studio. That was the year when he and his sister established 'Dubrovnik Treasures', a boutique with their own jewelry designs. After more than 10 years of working together, they decided to go their separate ways with their own young families supporting them.

FARAC Filigree & Fine Jewelry is a new chapter in Marko’s life.

Today with a very well equipped workshop, his hands are free to create amazing one of a kind works of art. Combining older more traditional techniques and newer technologies, is a testament to his true craftsmanship and attention to detail. Lighting a torch, melting down precious metals, crafting fine intricate filigree, or manipulating and shaping the precious metal into a new unique shape, polishing it to a mirror like finish, then finally combining it with a handful of coral or other colorful stones, is an everyday process in the Farac workshop.

Living in Dubrovnik and being submerged in its culture, provides the vision for Marko's designs and it is a never ending source of inspiration. His fascination for this area’s well known history of jewelry making has led him to study an array of traditional techniques, especially the art of filigree.

The city of Dubrovnik has recognized Marko’s enthusiasm and talent for handcrafting, and has been supporting the business since 2018 with funds for the traditional craft of gold smithing. Also in 2018 the Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts awarded him a  50,000HRK grant as part of the  government program focused on the ‘Preservation and Development of Traditional and Artistic Crafts’. 


Marko’s vision for FARAC Filigree & Fine Jewelry is to reintroduce the traditional jewelry from Dubrovnik's history, hand-making stunning pieces from the past to be handed down to future generations. But being a man whose art is ever-evolving, he hopes to fulfill other dreams too, such as making custom designs, creating one of a kind pieces, and designing contemporary collections.

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