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Dubrovnik traditional filigree jewelry

Dubrovnik was an important goldsmithing centre from the 13th to the mid 20th century. In its long tradition of gold and silver jewelry making, two of the most commonly used techniques were filigree and granulation.

Filigree has been in use since ancient times and has origins in Mesopotamia and Egypt. It is one of the most delicate forms of metalwork used in jewelry, and it is associated with fine craftsmanship.

Each part of the former Dubrovnik Republic including Konavle, Župa and Rijeka Dubrovačka, Dubrovačko Primorje, Pelješac, Mljet and Lastovo, had their own signature style of jewelry. These were mainly made of gold and commonly used mostly filigree techniques and granulation, embellished with pearls and coral.

We at FARAC jewelry, share our passion of the traditional jewelry from our hometown of Dubrovnik and we take extreme pride in our intricate filigree work. Our outstanding craftsmanship enables us to recreate all those timeless pieces which can then be cherished by you.

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