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How to care for your Jewelry

A lot of care and love has gone into each piece of our jewelry. Please follow the below points to get the most out of your jewelry and keep it looking its best.

General care

  • Avoid direct contact with beauty products, body cremes, perfumes, hairsprays, deodorants etc. Always apply these products prior to putting on any jewelry allowing enough time for your body to absorb it first. Always put your jewelry on last.

  • Keep your jewelry as far away from chemicals and cleaning products as possible. Serious damage can be avoided especially to our natural coral, semi-precious stones, cultured freshwater pearls and precious metals too.

  • All jewelry should be taken off prior to any swimming or showering. This could not only seriously damage your beautiful jewelry, but also increases your chance of losing it.

  • We recommend removing your jewelry before going to bed. We know it’s difficult to separate yourselves from our designs, but the possibility of breaking, deforming or losing something is better avoided.

  • Keep your jewelry in its nice and cozy box when you’re not wearing it. Damage can be done if it’s kept in e.g a drawer amongst other items. It can get knocked around and scratched damaging the polish and or plating.

  • Avoid your jewelry being exposed to direct sunlight, harsh light or heat sources. This may cause items to fade or discolour.

  • If you need to wipe down or clean any of your jewelry, we suggest a soft 100% cotton cloth. If necessary you may use a cloth which is damp with distilled water.

  • It is always good practice to inspect your jewelry after wearing it. You may need to give it a nice wipe down especially after a hot sweaty day or night.

  • If by any chance you get your jewelry caught on something, check it for any damage or to see if any adjustments need to be made. Not doing so could lead you to losing your precious piece of jewelry.


Silver & Gold

  • If you need to bring that beautiful shine back to your silver or gold, the best and safest way is with a specialised polishing cloth. These cloths are impregnated with a polishing substance which will with a few rubs get the job done. These clothes are not good for stones or plated pieces.

  • Silver naturally tarnishes over time due to the environment it is in. To avoid unwanted tarnish, you may keep your jewelry in a zip-lock bag that keeps the air out and tarnish away.

  • Ironically the more you wear silver, the less you may have to polish it. In everyday wear it is rubbing constantly against objects which make it difficult for tarnish to even start to show.


Gold Plating

  • Our plated pieces are made from sterling silver with a 24K gold plating (vermeil). This means that there is a fine layer of gold covering the silver base metal. We aim at having the best quality plating possible. At 2.5 microns our plating is thick compared to normal flash plating. This plating will last the longest if the above care instructions are followed.

  • Specialised polishing clothes must not be used on plated items as they will wear away the plated layer. As mentioned 100% cotton clothes are best for lightly wiping or cleaning plated pieces.

  • Excessive rubbing of any kind can also wear away the plating, so be gentle with your plated pieces of jewelry.


Red Coral (Corallium rubrum)

  • Our coral is natural and just polished for shine. Following the above care instructions will ensure them to stay red and shinny.

  • Coral is very sensitive to chemicals and beauty products.

  • If necessary a damp cloth is the safest way to wipe the coral.

  • Coral is from the sea, but ironically you shouldn’t swim with it. The polish which is added to the coral will get damaged and will have to be reapplied by a jeweler to bring back its beauty.

  • A drop of olive oil on a cotton pad is a safe way to give a little shine back to coral if it has signs of dullness, otherwise it may need to be re-polished.

Reach out & let us know if you have any further questions

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