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Filigree jewelry

Filigree (from the Latin word filum,"thread") jewelry is the most beautiful and delicate type of Dubrovnik's goldsmithing techniques. Precious metal such as gold or silver is first drawn down into long strands, or thin wires. These wires are then twisted together in a spiral pattern to make filigree wire which is cut and shaped by bending or twirling it to create various decorative patterns with intricate designs. In this jewelry making technique you can really see the skill and patience needed by the goldsmith with their steady hands and precise soldering skills.

We make Dubrovnik jewelry from the past such as the traditional filigree and also unique filigree designs for today. Our well equipped little goldsmith workshop in Dubrovnik is where the handcrafted earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings come to life. 

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